Learning to be a better self made PERSON. Reflection

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Many people say you can dress up the outside but the inside is where is counts. Although this is true, the inside is where it counts most but the outside makes the initial introduction. If you believe any of these areas are important in personal development and could use some love and upkeep, then by all means, do so. Random Recipe for Grey Hair. (join group, share, chat and see group files…). Or check out part 1 of this BLOG post: Learning to be a better self made PERSON.

Self discovery comes from other people, books and other environmental cues. For example: the livelihood of a Lifeguard on the Ocean. Their primary tasks are search and rescue lifeforms (human, fish, birds…) on the beach and in the water. Lifeguards learn Diving, Swimming, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Team Effort, Sign Language to name a few. They are equipped with tools such as knives to cut sea life creatures from fishing nets, life preservers ie: doughnut, life raft, jet ski, etc. Lifeguards learn the art of saving the lives of team mates, sea life, tourists on beaches, locals and by doing these life saving tasks you develop a respect for the environment, and all that’s in it. Learn more about Ocean and Sea Life. (Diving and Lifeguard Training). Placing value on your environment, your life and the lives of others is very rewarding. Check out: In The Spotlight  Health




When the universe wants to provide, it multiplies things in your life. It could be people, places or things and this causes increase. Some provisions are made for you and others, unlikely. It’s best to use discernment. The design of the universe and everything in it, all is truly a remarkable thing because every living thing seems to know it’s function. Trees, fish, land animals, clouds, insects, all seem to know it’s function. Humanity is a variable which needs to learn their environments and others if they choose to. We all have our own story to tell, don’t we? Yet, some people’s stories are vaguely similar from opposite or different environments. “Everything you want in life, is always somewhere.” Never forget this.

Animals, insects, birds are a little more predictable. If they are nocturnal their food is mostly at night and they have the eyesight too boot. ie: rats, bats, owls… We as human beings can hunt at night but we need ocular devices because our food sources was intended to be during the daylight. Most people do not think about these things because they usually eat what’s put before them. For example, many Inuit Tribes in colder regions of the earth eat based on their environment. Go where you are celebrated in life and in your environments. For some it may be like minded individuals, for others it may be a downtown cafe or a particular career or university. I once read that human house dust is primarily made up of dead human skin and pet hair if you own pets. Makes you think before you invite friends over, doesn’t it? 😂😂😂 That’s what personal development does, it dusts you off. You begin in one small area and work your way outward. So don’t forget to share this message.

Plan your goals (seeds) wisely in your mind, write them down and develop a checklist to cross off. Writing goals down help you to focus on goal settings. You can check off completed and write new ones throughout your entire life. Don’t forget to celebrate the small goals as well as the big ones. Many believe there’s this 1 big success in life and then you die. This is sometimes true but highly unlikely judging how many people left on the planet. Each person has several small successes throughout their lifetime. Whether you gave precedence or ceremony to them or not, is clearly up to you. ie: birth, death, school exam, baseball game. The appreciation you give for the small things, make the larger ones more valuable. 

Think of everything you do in life as a seed to plant and you may never look at things ever the same. ie: conversations, greetings, gifts… You get the idea. Remember our last article Farming your Life.  This is a great example of how it’s done. Once I asked my eldest daughter Whitney if she were to plant some crops, come harvest time, do you get the entire crop? She said, yes mom, of course. I said you would think that because it’s only fair. Truth is, some seeds get blown, some eaten, some drown and rot and other grow. And if you don’t harvest the growth you may not have that either. 😂😂 I simply said, whatever you don’t use mentally,  spiritually, knowingly or physically the universe simply gives it away. If you plant tomatoes, please don’t look for turnips, okay. 

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