Farming Your Life: How to make your own money.

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You can have more in life because you can become more than you are.” ~ Jim Rohn

Personal Development is for everyone because it affects each of us in our daily lives. The average person isn’t concerned with Personal Development because they believe it’s not a requirement, too lazy or simply haven’t discovered it. When in fact, it’s the driving force for all of us to obtain better lives. Selling is #1 in all of our lives. We are constantly selling our teachers on ideas, selling ourselves at interviews and auditions, and selling our friends and family on our abilities to take care of them, and even love them. It’s that gnawing lump of anxiety that continues to push us to do and be more, lest we perish and die. What do you make of yourself and what are you becoming? Success is something you attract because it’s looking for a home inside of you. An unending pursuit of happiness.

Write down your list of goals to achieve. Complete each goal in a calm relaxed way and set new ones. Reason learning to sell is important since you are simply required to do it each day and throughout your lifetime. It is the main street of Personal Development and from there you can decide any other direction. Life is a bunch of hurdles to jump. It’s best you stay in shape. You don’t have to jump them all, just the ones which you have. Setting goals allows you to eliminate some hurdle. ie: Lack of money?? Create a goal that allows you to acquire more money, based on hard work and education. You get paid for value not your time. Time is limited to 24/7 but value grows. Work harder on yourself than on the job. Be of some value.

Basic List of Goals:

        1. Learn how to be a better Seller
        2. Develop basic daily routines and self discipline to follow.
        3. Read and discover more about your goals for self improvement.
        4. Save at least 10% of your income because money give your goals flight. Money is about opportunity and positioning. It’s the energy.
        5. Take inventory or stock of  one’s own self by looking in the mirror of your life. ie: healthwise, spiritual, education, physical…
        6. Positive mental attitude
        7. Dress up your product (YOU) so it’s presentable to the purchaser. ie: Exercise, eating right, dress well.
        8. Make a checklist of goals and write them down.


The beauty of all this, you can start immediately. Work on YOU little by little and bit by bit. It’s not about perfection but direction. Visualize your goals and stay the course. Become a good Farmer in your life and carefully care for your crops. ie: Plant, Protect, Water or feed, Reap your harvest. The Marketplace isn’t interested in your need to eat or have money, it’s interested in your seed. It takes more than you want to give. ie: fireplaces do not care  if you’re cold because of lack of heat, it requires you to light the match and chop wood.  Farming is the first real job mankind ever had on earth. Plant in the Spring and harvest during the Winter. It’s just that simple. Winter or rough times are always coming but you must do the work in the Spring. You can’t make Winter go away by tearing the month of January off the wall calendar, okay. If you change on the inside, then your life will change on the outside. Work is unavoidable so you might as well work on YOU and get right to it. Learn the major things about your life because you do not want to major in minor things.  Change what you do and get a routine that works for YOU. Don’t allow others to decide a time frame for your life goals. 

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