Learning to be a better self made PERSON.

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Why Affirmations Work:

Workouts are never easy. You are building and working on something on a day by day fashion. It’s never one and done but more of, continuous repetitions daily and/or weekly that add up over a period of time. Working out is definitely a lifestyle change, you commit to in order to maintain health, body figure and confidence. You feel so incredibly confident because you’ve put in the work, you look amazing and that alone with knowing, “YOU CAN” is enough to make all confidence skyrocket thru a roof. Lets face it, clothes are much cheaper with the use of less fabric or materials in the manufacturing process.

Gym affirmations work because as soon as you decide to do something great and really fantastic for yourself, here comes Old Man Doubt. Or that lazy friend who swears they will come with you to the gym as soon as they buy the latest fitness attire, so they can look stylish. How about that person who continually shows you pics or brings up things when you were the old you, simply because they do not have the guts or drive to make the journey themselves?

Gym affirmations build mental strength and longevity during workouts. It gives you the confidence necessary to continue when you want to quit. Reinventing yourself each day and stepping into a whole new life filled with happiness and success. There is something very satisfying about changing from a caterpillar crawling along the ground or leaf on your belly for so long, into a beautiful butterfly that takes flight. 🦋

There is no magic pill” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger. “You must put in the work” ~ Dwayne The Rock Johnson. 

List of Gym Must Do’s: Recap of Arnold’s Inspiring Words and List of Rules

  1. Must develop a workout routine
  2. Eat the right meals for your health.
  3. Learn how to discipline yourself and put in the work
  4. Learn what exercises are good for your body type and goals
  5. Listen to positive messages while you workout. ie: positive music or recorded messages created by you. 
  6. Avoid the Naysayers
  7.  Trust Yourself
  8. Don’t forget to develop your mind
  9. Drink plenty of water
  10. Get plenty of rest

Discussing the Mind

Memory = replays your past. Imagination = pre-plays your future. Your mind comes with standard equipment and it should be maintained and upgraded over your lifetime. Every life battle is in the mind. Your mind needs a hero and a focus. If you win in your mind, you win in your life. You will always act like the person you think you are. You need someone that excites you to motivate and inspire you. You mind is on the prowl for knowledge. Therefore, it needs instruction. Direct your mind in the way it will go. The picture in your minds-eye will direct your steps. Knowledge are seeds for change. Picture yourself in your minds-eye and work steadily toward your goals. You’re not in competition with anyone, so go at your very own pace. Our next article we’ll discuss the laws of placement for success, clever seed planting and the multiplication of prosperity.

Humility seeks to ask questions where you may lack the knowledge. Humility seeks to understand more and recognize whereas one might appear an arrogant know-it-all. Knowledge must be applied in order for it to work. It’s learning, sharing and mostly asking. Nothing works without action, so ask more, seek more and learn more. Your self portrait determines your behavior. How do you see yourself?

Something you do not recognize will cost you later. Anything you fail to recognize will leave your life. ie: health, financial… Use wisdom to discern your needs. Wisdom allows you to recognize opportunities to better your condition. Annoying people will not voluntarily leave your life. Those same naysayers will continue until you decide to discontinue them. True friendships may cost time, energy and even money. Re-evaluate the people in your life. Nurture good relationships with people, inspire, encourage and learn. Nothing kills a relationship like ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is not knowing and stupidity is not caring to know. Avoid judgement but use wisdom for those lasting relationships. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. 

Wisdom is to use discernment and true knowledge are seeds that leave clues. Whatever you are, you reproduce. ie: orange seeds, reproduce oranges; wood reproduces wood chips; bears reproduce other bears… To grow your seeds of knowledge is to become better.  Knowledge are facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Wisdom is to act on the knowledge received, understanding it to form the best decision or best course of action. Be careful what you feed your mind. The knowledge seeds of negativity can grow just as abundant

All of these things are tools most fail to adhere to and it causes great anxiety. To achieve any success you must have discipline, wisdom and the ability to recognize opportunities for learning. Success is basically your ability to have anything worthwhile. You may have several successes over your lifetime small and large. Both major and minor successes help build confidence and backs your faith with truisms. Be certain not to major in minor things. These are your first set of building blocks to a great starting point for success. Feel free to check out other lifestyle changing articles.

In our next article we will discuss several other lifestyle building blocks for success.

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