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    Happy New Year 2021!  Content: Creative Art Sources, Canvas Photo Printing & Ocean Lover Amazing Reads. In previous articles, we discussed how life is like farming and everything is a seed… The harvest of the previous year 2020 has taught me to plant an even better crop in 2021. Start anew by planting […]

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Happy Holidays, Sweepstakes & hideAWAYS

Holiday Sweepstakes Entry Information No other entries after December 25, 2020 12 midnight will be considered valid. (Campaign: 10/15/2020 thru 12/26/2020) All entries or contestants will be notified via email, SMS, Facebook via this website. Winners, will be announced December 26, 2020 8am on this blog and shared via social media outlets. Only if winners […]

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Learning to be a better self made PERSON. Reflection

  Many people say you can dress up the outside but the inside is where is counts. Although this is true, the inside is where it counts most but the outside makes the initial introduction. If you believe any of these areas are important in personal development and could use some love and upkeep, then […]

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Diamonds and Chocolat: Why and How

  Diamonds are made of carbon so they form as carbon atoms under a high temperature and pressure; they bond together to start growing crystals. … That’s why a diamond is such a hard material because you have each carbon atom participating in four of these very strong covalent bonds that form between carbon atoms. Lab-grown diamonds take approximately […]

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Covid19 Best Buy

Check out the latest Covid19 must haves. Awesome for all your social media projects. Stable and clear pics upload to Youtube, social media, while recording from cycling or driving.   Great for Employment Interviews     Next up! PIXLR Edit your pics or find the right pic for the right occasion.   Farmers Markets online, […]

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Anonymous Folk featuring All Lives Matter

It’s important we wear our mask and here’s why. Most cases you may or maynot have the virus but you can spread it to someone else. The mask is for you and the other person if you should be a carrier. It’s not mandatory but it’s the polite and moral thing to do when in […]

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Let The Chips Fall Where They May

  Let the chips fall where they may. We spend so much time trying to fix everything that honestly nature has already prepared. If it isn’t broke why fix it? Many of the world’s health problems and remedies are right here on this very planet. Scientists discovered many of them. Afterall, you can’t study or […]

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The Magic of Free

  Every once in a while you come across things while surfing the internet. Just like ocean waves it’s so unpredictable but feel awesome once discovered. In this article are a few of these Penamon Perks® surfing adventures for your use. So share this article and tell some friends. “Each One, Teach One”. Knowledge is […]

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12 Essential Steps For Email Marketing



Email marketing is a major contributor to the income of many wealthy affiliates. It can be incredibly lucrative when done right, and you’re going to learn how with the free lessons right here.
There are several different approaches you can take to email marketing depending on the type of website you have, or would like to have. 
You can have a website full of content that encourages people to sign up to a mailing list from within a sidebar or at the bottom of posts and articles. 
You can have a one-page website dedicated to building a mailing list that you send traffic to via solo ads.
However you tackle it, the aim of the game is to...
Develop a relationship with those subscribers by sending regular helpful newsletters
Then strategically promote affiliate offers and product launches to earn.
It can be set up and automated so that you can just sit back and let your newsletter series do all the work for you. Sound like a good system?

That’s because… it is! 

Ocean & Co. Saving Environments

Ocean & Co is dedicated to selling products that promote a plastic free, healthy, sustainable lifestyle. You can become an Ambassador and get more from your membership, environments and by servicing the greater good. Join Penamon Perks and Ocean & Co. help save your oceanic communities. Buy Products ✔   Does earning cash, helping to clean […]

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