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    Happy New Year 2021!  Content: Creative Art Sources, Canvas Photo Printing & Ocean Lover Amazing Reads. In previous articles, we discussed how life is like farming and everything is a seed… The harvest of the previous year 2020 has taught me to plant an even better crop in 2021. Start anew by planting […]

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Awesome Holiday Finds | In Support of Small Business

Bookmark Browser Basics Have you ever decided to organize your computer web browser bookmarks? On browsers there are 3 dots in Windows right upper corner, under the “x close”. In this tab there is an option to save pages, make folders and other neat settings. Most folks generally save page links and “moving right along”, […]

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Farming Your Life: How to make your own money.

  “You can have more in life because you can become more than you are.” ~ Jim Rohn Personal Development is for everyone because it affects each of us in our daily lives. The average person isn’t concerned with Personal Development because they believe it’s not a requirement, too lazy or simply haven’t discovered it. […]

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How To Stay Motivated When Covid19’s Trying to Kill You

  This article is about staying motivated in troubling times and in general for a healthy mindset and life. Hopefully, to alleviate stress during Covid19. Some of these things you may have already thought about and others well… not so much. Health is very important so learning more about it truly is satisfying to the […]

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Healthier Environments Worldwide- Get A FREE Tropical Vacay

The photo below is compliments of Brett Lobwein. Brett is from Sydney, Australia. He is a Professional Diver and Photographer known in various publications. These amazing photos of sea life depend on our human efforts to succeed for cleaner and healthier environments. Brett and his lovely wife have always maintained the belief and hopes of […]

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Benefits of Mentors and Coaches