Solving The Money Game

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No one really wants to admit they have a problem until they are so knee deep in it, that it becomes this obvious unavoidable monster of a thing. Did you know that 85% of Americans are you struggling with debt? Did you also know that most have good paying jobs, family members who work and live in the same household and even drive descent vehicles? It’s really never about how much a person earns. It’s about how much a person spends and why.

It all boils down to this one thing. DISCIPLINE! We all are capable of it but we don’t always exercise it. Peer presure, style, latest trends, hobbies, advertising and habits are major distractions to our inner discipline. You see, it’s a double edged sword. If you get that brand new hat it weighs heavily on your discipline for that instant gratification. Most times in our lives, it services a want and not a true need. Regardless, if you save about 10% of what you earn of every paycheck you’d see the massive difference and reduce that gnawing lump of anxiety. 

Discipline is the only thing in your life that separates the haves from the have nots. It’s the man who has a goal in mind and says I’m gonna work toward that goal. It’s the overweight person who says I don’t feel like exercising but gets up anyhow. It’s the college student who sets out to become a doctor with seven years of study and sticks with it. It’s that minimum wage worker who manages to save $100.00 from every paycheck for 30 years without touching one cent, until they can afford that house. It’s that musician, Hollywood star, singer… It was never suppose to be easy. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be so worthy and special. If it were easy the “have nots” would have. 

Most people think there has to be some clever trick, rich man robbery, meet some special friend or an inheritance. Now there are some cases like this, but they are very rare and few and far between. All your life, you may have been told wealthy people are evil, ruthless and selfish. NO! They simply think differently than you. They don’t need to make an impression until they can afford an impression. In other words, you don’t have to jump off a bridge every weekend to know you are alive. 
ie: When last have you seen Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs worry about wearing Versace, Perry Ellis, or Stacey Adams?

Try to focus on building your wealth. Every time you don’t have a plan for your money it will leave you. Start investing in that bank account you’ve been holding open with the bare minimum. Start learning more about money and how to make more of it and grow what you already have. How can you have something you know nothing about? It’s like having a rare pet. You know nothing about it so it dies, simply because you haven’t learned how to take care of it. Start small with your discipline and strengthen it daily with affirmations and goals. Begin to pay your bills like you are really trying to get rid of them. Develop some key plans to stick with and have a solid number in your head. Write that number down and work toward it. Remove any and all excuses that will keep you from accomplishing your money goal. Once you get to that number find out if you can go a little further. Decide how high above that plateau you want to go. 

Once you begin holding on to your money, making more of it, you will see how much of it there truly is in the world. You won’t look for internet scams that promise wealth. You will be in a position to make major life moves that seemed so distant to you and create a few of your own. You will be placing yourself in that rare group of individuals who have mastered their own mind and desires. You will no longer be angry with wealthy people because you will be one of them. You will understand it took an incredible amount of discipline and hard, hard work

DISCIPLINE is the major key to all success in life. Once you’ve developed it, you will begin to wonder how you could’ve lived any other way. Remember, no one is dealt a lucky hand in life. Sitting around waiting for a great hand to play is a waste of time because you could be waiting a very long time. Most just play the hand they were dealt. Get inspired! 

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