Super Selling

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Lock in appointments and avoid being hung up on

Learn the secrets of keeping prospects on the line longer. Turn cold calling or canvassing on foot into a success every time!

Discover how to identify GOOD prospects

Learning how to recognize people who are ready to purchase NOW is half the battle.

Sell without being a “Sales Person”

As a result of sloppy selling, clients today don’t like salespeople and “hard closing” tactics. Learn how to distinguish yourself from the pack by asking for the sale in a way that will create results.

You will learn to:

  • Put together a sales strategy tailored for today’s market
  • Make the most out of each appointment to maintain good client relationships
  • Utilize the 80/20 rule of sales to make your profits skyrocket
  • Ask key questions and abolish objections
  • Master seven of the most popular and successful closing techniques
  • Build your referral database to completely eliminate the need to cold call *

After listening to my program, you will understand all the concepts above. It really is that easy.


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In one hour, I will take you through the sales process to give you the techniques you need to confidently close more sales in less time. These are proven processes I have used for over 30 years and have taught to more than 250,000 sales people worldwide.

After listening to this program, you’ll understand the secrets to sales success that top producers use everyday. You’ll be confident, secure and happy with your business, and see it exponential growth.

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