High Impact Telephone Selling

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“5 Ways to Sell More Effectively by Telephone!”

The telephone is the most powerful business tool available to you today. Some of the highest paid, most successful salespeople in every industry do all of their business by telephone.

Increase Your Sales Now. Would you like to become one of these highly-paid professionals? Would you like to exponentially increase your income?

The telephone is a special tool that you must master if you want to fulfill your potential as a successful telephone sales specialist. I will teach you how to master telephone sales for any industry.

Using the telephone effectively to sell is like learning to type — it takes learning and practice. My 30-minute training DVD will show you how to become a telephone selling machine.

I will teach you…

  • 5 elements of selling effectively by telephone
  • how to overcome objections
  • how to get more referrals
  • how to connect with your customers
  • how to close more sales and increase your income without leaving your office

Join me for this 30-minute training session and I will not only help you understand the sales cycle, I’ll also show you how to ask for the order!


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