Persuasive Devices In Selling

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Produced By: Mindtools “Managers need to be good persuaders. They need to accomplish objectives through people. They could choose to bully, dictate, or coerce people to get the work done, but how successful would that be in the long run? If they use persuasion effectively, they will lead employees to want to reach a shared solution.

Likewise, in any situation where you need to persuade someone to work with you or you want to promote your idea, if you badger them and sell excessively, you’ll only create resentment. Establishing mutual understanding is what leads to an agreement; One that is negotiated not forced.

All of these approaches can be tempting, but they’re not always the most effective means of persuasion. In a defining 1998 article in the Harvard Business Review titled “The Necessary Art of Persuasion,” Jay Conger, an Organizational Behavior Professor, presented a very different view of persuasion”. He said that to be persuasive you must provide four critical elements: 


  • Credibility
  • Common Ground
  • Vivid Evidence
  • Emotional Connection


Powerpoint Slides of 12 Persuasive Devices In Advertising

The Science of Persuasion


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