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Robert loves to travel. He has attended several Universities such as Columbia University in NYC, Syracuse University and NYU. He spends his time meeting and greeting. Robert loves to relax and is a laid back guy. He is a Philanthropist.
Freelancer | Youtuber | Remote Operator
University of Memphis Student - Former fashion model for John Casablanca Studios, Whitney loves her pet cat and plays the violin. She has received several awards from Kentucky State University as a Violinist and played for the National Baptist Convention.


Freelancer | Remote Operator

Originally from Nicaragua, Brian is a student of life. He loves video games and working on cars in his spare time. He attends a Technical College. Works as a Sub-Contractor for Security Services for Microsoft Corporation Warehouse. Brian is a all around liked guy who enjoys his family and friends. Respectable Guy.

Sales | Marketing | Promotions | Beauty Supplies
Rietta is a mom and loves life. She is a very creative person who enjoys family. She is a faithful member of her Church and enjoys her music. She holds beauty demonstrations in her home and enjoys cooking. Real Estate Salesperson/Broker.
Freelancer | Remote Operator
Hailey is extremely hilarious. She attended Southwest Tennessee Community College. She attends Remington College. Hailey plays the piano and enjoys her friends and the nightlife. She loves small dogs to carry around in her purse ie: Pomeranians.
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Charlene loves to cook. She spends her time with her grandchildren who she spoils constantly. She's a down to earth person who explains things without beating around the bush. Loves to travel and the beach.

Cody is a mentally challenged person of the Autistic Community and his High School. Great sense of humor, Cody is a Video Gamer and loves music.  Burgers are his very favorite and his Ventriloquist Dummy, Slappy. Slappy is named after GooseBumps Series of books and movies by R. L. Stine. Thank you for your consideration and the support of these communities.

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John is an extremely technical individual. There is nothing this guy can't fix mechanically. He's a personable individual and pays close attention to details. John loves the water and is a real ladies man. All the ladies love him. A real fun guy.

The Author

KC Penamon

About The Author

The name Penamon is French. Don't ask! Kimberley will tell you she's from Brooklyn, New York's Farragut Community near the water which flows underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Mother is of West Indian descent (Barbados: Saint Elizabeth Village) and Father; a southern man from Oxford, Mississippi home of Ole Miss University. The High School of Art & Design, West Beth, and The School of Visual Arts are where her creative inspiration and talents was nurtured. She moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1999. She's a Humanitarian, Author, Artist, Homemaker, Publisher, and Entrepreneur who loves God, Sports and Education. When you meet her she is a sort of an enigma. She has come a mighty long way. Share her journey and success thru her books and this website.

As an Urban Lifestyle Poet, her books can be found on Amazon, the Kindle Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, worldwide bookstores online and this website. These adult poetry books are non-fiction with a flare of fiction. Definitely, not for minors because of their story content. The illustrations in the books are quality stock photos from Adobe Spark, Dreamstime, Ari Burling Photography and the Author. These books are what she calls a new genre of poetry. This is why she calls them "Urban Lifestyle Poetry", which highlights people and events in urban neighborhoods. Hope you enjoy reading them, as much as she enjoyed writing them. 

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All book titles available and their descriptions | pricing | discounts | feedback. Website was created specifically for all her readers and urban poetry lovers. Feel free to use the bookstore below text to remain on the Penamon Perks® Website.

Brooklyn, New York

Author's Previous Hometown | Near Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges | Brooklyn Queens Expressway

The Farragut Houses is run by New York City Housing Authority. It consists of 10 buildings with 10 families on each floor. All major bus lines, subway lines and bridges start here. The Farragut Community is titled after Admiral Farragut a Naval Officer. Farragut has over 1300+ members in their Facebook group and growing. They get together on Old Timer's Day and celebrate the neighborhood newbies and old school folks. Sometimes they attend picnics (everyone brings a plate of food), private yacht cruise around the borough with fireworks and dancing on board, watch television together on the Jumbotron. This happens once a year in the summer of August for two or three days in a row. Often times the New York City Police Department barricade the streets to allow "Brooklynites" to come in from miles around and across the globe. We have an ole saying, "wherever you go, there's always someone from Brooklyn". A very close knit community near the Brooklyn Navy Yard which contain several businesses. 

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