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Red Velvet Heart Shaped Cupcakes with cheesecake icing and powdered sugar: Facebook Random Recipes:


Love is In The Air

When I began this journey for Lifestyle Resources it was only because I’m peripatetic, okay. From Facebook to other sharing channels and life in general. Facebook entered our lives and things changed in unexpected ways. We began to meet and greet with public figures, businesses, old friends and new. So you upload your private photos, so some anonymous person can create a Meme, post jobs description only to be scammed. Posted everything you like in entertainment, your educational history and life events. If this is beginning to sound like a resume, then you are correct. What did they think was gonna happen? PTSD, Murderers, Pedophiles, Health Conscious, Bible Folks, All Nationalities, the “Worldwide Web“…., the list is endless when it involves people. 

Dating Safety Rules:

There are some tried and true methods for communicating with strangers. We’re calling them “stranger” until basic information completely checks out. The best way to meet someone is face-to-face in a populated, well lighted area or during the daytime, a familiar place of yours or accompanied by close friends. Meeting someone they’ve known for a period of time helps. ie: parent or siblings, old school or work friends. Ladies: Ask questions, listen, learn. Ask yourself if the person treats you well. Most times you won’t have to ask, because actions speak so much louder. Learn to read someone’s Mannerisms. Gentlemen: Click-Manhood This Book’s For YOU 

Trust must be established by behavior only, not by beliefs, affiliation, finances, hearsay or looks

Since Covid19 it’s been next to impossible because of the strict health guidelines (6ft apart; wear a mask; quarantine; wash hands…). I personally love romance for the mystery of it all. It seems the more you ask people to distance themselves, the more they want to get together. Many innocent people died from the contagion Coronavirus. Whether you recognize it or not, companionship is a part of a healthy human experience and development. According to Melanie Curtin: article reporting a 75 year Harvard Study; “The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”  To alleviate the stress of the pandemic we’ve added some perks and some helpful tools and services. ie: Virtual aids, Software, School or Office, Books and more. Stick around for 2 unique recipes for catching that one Special Guy. ❤❤❤

Google HangOuts


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Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Cooking for Spouse or Friends (Lessons)
  2. Handmade Gifts
  3. Sports Fitness
  4. Health & Beauty
  5. Accessories
  6. Books
  7. Portraits
  8. Knitted Gifts & Crafts

Unusual Romantic Recipes

  • Katherine Markel was 88 when I met her in Franklin, Pennsylvania; Venango County. We lived in the mountains together on Oak Hill. She was an elderly White woman who babysat my 2 daughters while I worked at the Polk Mental Hospital; Polk, PA. Katherine with a “K” was the daughter of a Preacher Man. She has 1 sister married to a Preacher and a husband whom passed away years ago. She never watched television. Her entire life, she listened to gospel programs and stories on the radio. It most likely was the AM dial or frequency. I couldn’t tell you where to find it. She kept her average height (6ft) Christmas Tree in the corner, kept up all year round. For each holiday she’d dressed it accordingly. ie: Easter with bunnies, plastic hanging colored eggs; Halloween with candy, skeletons and orange baby pumpkins; Valentine’s Day with red hearts and ribbons… So I titled this:

Read more of this story…

Katherine’s “Man Finder” Recipe 

  1. Go to a Men’s Clothing Store and purchase a fine pair of pants/slacks. Dress pants preferably because you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap expect “cheap”. “Buy according to your taste in Men”~ Katherine Markel. ie: Military, Jogging Suit, etc.
  2. Start with a clean slate. Go home and clean your entire house, especially the fridge and make your bed as neatly as you can.
  3. The idea of the purchase is to make it your very own. Remove any clothing tags for next step.
  4. Take the pants and place them carefully at the foot of your bed. Get down on your knees and pray for the Lord to fill those pants with a good Man especially for YOU. Don’t ask for what you want, ask the Lord to fill the need.
  5. Hang or fold neatly and put away. Forget about them.
  6. Have only serious potential, try them on.
  7. This is where it gets hilarious because those pants don’t fit every and anyone perfectly. Just that person ONLY. Real creepy and weird.❤  

Note: Zero expiration date on this recipe. I know this because he came late but exactly what I needed. 

  • (He’s 6’5″ tall, muscularly built, Military, handsome and resembles a bear standing up, intelligent Engineer, humorous, kind soul and can eat $400. dollars worth of groceries a month by himself 😂😂🤣) He’s Perfect!  Thank you ❤ Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Love Potion Recipe

  • This entire book is amazing and the recipes are basic cooking knowledge, with unique Darden Family & Friends recipes. Carole Darden and Norma Jean tell a story of each recipe and the person/s behind them. Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine’s “Love Potion” is one of their unique recipes, that deserves respect. It takes 8+ weeks to make and should ONLY be given and shared with friends. It’s created then stored in the back of the darkest closet (fermentation) with various fruits and other ingredients.
  • ❤❤ Buy Here


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Maison Threads

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Valentine’s Day Covid19 Safety PSA


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