Let The Chips Fall Where They May

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Let the chips fall where they may. We spend so much time trying to fix everything that honestly nature has already prepared. If it isn’t broke why fix it? Many of the world’s health problems and remedies are right here on this very planet. Scientists discovered many of them. Afterall, you can’t study or use ingredients from some other planet. As far as they know this is the only living planet.

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Mother’s Day🎁 I received so many roses🌹🌹🌹🌹 I decided to keep a few and dry them out. I wanted to put them in a photo album as a keepsake. What happens next? My Autistic son Cody comes along sees them dried out and begins to pull out each pedal. I asked him why did he do that? He said, “mommy! they’re dead”. LOL I reply, I know that son, I was saving them as a remembrance for my album. It’s just a flower not a entire person or dead body, okay. He says, “well I should hope not”.😂😂  I pick up all the pedals and begin my next project. I turned them into potpourri, album keepsake and candles with some essential oils and wax. Amazing how the most beautiful of scents can affect your olfactory nerves thus dictating your mood. Beautiful!

Benefits of Rose oil for skin, hair and/or face: Rose oil is the King of flowers and the Queen of essential oils.

Do not use while pregnant!


  1. Dried rose pedals – make certain there’s no water on pedals (oil and water do not mix)
  2. Grape seed oil and Almond oil
  3. Mason Jar (Glass) place jar in boiling water
  4. Leave for 25 hours before it is ready
  5. Strain oil into a boil
  6. Add Vitamin E oil and Rosemary oils (Donot use vegetable oil on skin. It will clog pores). 
  7. Pour over dried rose pedal potpourri and/or place some dried rose pedals in oil bottle
  8. Lasts 6 weeks – Refrigerate to last longer than 6 weeks. 




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The potato is pretty badass don’t you think? Whether it’s fried, baked, boiled, sliced of diced. The potato chip is pretty awesome. It’s so awesome you have so many flavors: BBQ, Onion and Garlic, Cheese, Ruffled, Plain, etc. It’s so awesome, you can barely find the pretzels. 😂😂 Have you ever tried cooking with pototo chips? Using the potato chip as you would seasoned bread-crumbs makes some interesting meals. 

You were taught in public schools that Martin Luther King Jr was a Civil Rights Leader, Activist and Influencer. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work. I’m here to tell you he helped write the Civil Rights Laws. You can write from your own personal experience or the deeply rooted experiences of another. He didn’t act alone in an “All White” Government. There would be no civil rights if everyone got along just fine and dandy. If you’re doing just fine in your current lifestyle and everything is, “a okay and gravy” you’re not on a daily basis thinking about the deeply rooted problems of others who feel oppressed or even abused.

As a Writer you discover and uncover many things. From reading many of Dr King’s books and notes you begin to see this person emerge. It’s almost as if Dr King Jr revered us as his own children to ensure our safety even in his death. It brought tears to my eyes because then, I knew it wasn’t just a dream he had, but more of a prophecy that stirred his soul to take action. Although he may not have been given full credit for most of his exceptional work, we let the chips fall where they may because he accomplished his goals to protect the safety of his people and family even in death. This was his legacy.

An Act of Congress is a statute enacted by the United States Congress. It can either be a Public Law, relating to the general public, or a Private Law, relating to specific institutions or individuals.

There are different kind of Law in the US Legal System are:

  1. Criminal Law.
  2. Civil Law.
  3. Constitutional Law.
  4. Administrative Law.
  5. International Law.
  6. Actual Damages.
  7. Punitive Damages.

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Civil Rights Act of 1964

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