Intuition In Selling

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Brief Introduction:
The fundamental teachings based in all great salespeople, entrepreneurs and alike. Learning that all are capable of at least 92 things you may take for granted or overlooked. The art of reading people over the phone, onsight, body postures, personality types… You can not make money without people. You have to make up in your own mind whether some of the 92 lessons are in you. Yes, there is a psychology behind selling. You can even practice with person’s close to you, you don’t know or even just met. Just like a muscle you have to exercise it. By reading stories, hearing them, interviewing people and learning how to better socialize. Not all situations will go your way so you must be prepared for that. You are dealing with people and that means anything is possible because everyone is different, so don’t make assumptions, get angry, just simply talk to them. This doesn’t mean let in any old madhat in. It a  simple exercise to help other learned selling techniques. Do you like stories? If you don’t, maybe selling isn’t your forte. This video and blog post will help you decide. 
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