How To Manage Difficult People (Undercover Hidden Self)

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In the world of socializing you can run into all types of individuals. They aren’t bad or good people, they are just people. Each one having its own desires and needs because it’s all about themselves. They aren’t wrong just seeking out a natural ecological desire or ability to accomplish a specific goal intentional or not. Just because there are flags that are not your own doesn’t mean they are crazy, bad or even difficult. 

Imagine a hungry lion chasing a deer. It’s not a bad lion or evil lion just a hungry one. Behaviors are skillful for environmental survival in every living species. Some pretend they have no difficulty at all. They pretend they have zero imbalance in a lifestyle or life itself which is unbalanced by every measure. Truth is, no one has control. Just do the best you can and don’t be so hard on yourself for acting in ways that are natural to being a human being. 

Sometimes through watching animals who do not lie about feelings you can learn. You can learn behaviors, predict behaviors, diets, environments and even learn from mannerisms that speak much louder than words or actual communication. Don’t think of yourself as always higher than the creatures of earth, but as one of them. We are animals too.

Behaviors that impact behaviors:

Please remember these aren’t bad or evil people.

Things guys may do:

Lie to get sex
Promote themselves to be more than they actually are
Brag about sexual abilities
Brag about strength
Dress to impress
Participate in sports activities
Drink the strongest drinks than counterpart while engaging
Show off security with money
Look for security, love and potentials
Talk about virility
Need approval
Things ladies may do:
Dress provocative
Fix up and pretend no one is watching
Act like Divas and Queens
Act Independent
Talk about younger self and show pics
Try to meet challenges a man may desire
Challenge a man’s masculinity
Look for security, love and potentials
Talk about virility

Need approval
Scroll thru Brian Tracy products know and have the products you need to change your entire life completely. I began listening to Brian Tracy for Personal Development because each day I wanted the answers to things that most people ask. No one really or actually talks about these things for fear of embarrassment, ridicule or judgement so they keep it bottled up. They don’t make any real money, they continue with the same ole, same ole haunts in life. That mental chatter that continues to poke at them until you do something about it. ie: Family problems, relationship woes, purpose in life, making tons of money for a lifestyle they can be happy with…

For example: That person who wants to lose weight and can’t find the time or willpower, that goal oriented person that makes excuses as to why they didn’t achieve whatever in life and that educated lover who can’t find the right mate and is still single because of trust issues. That person who continually lies to themselves knowing wholeheartedly they want what others have, yet need to feel superior by monkeywrenching others to feel right all along. 
Yes, we’re talking to YOU! 

Brian Tracy can help. After reading this there’s no turning back now. Discipline isn’t a dirty word like you thought. If you want to audition for that play, or modeling career check out auditions. join our Facebook Group or Pages and learn so much more. We partner with many groups and individuals on Facebook and other places to make certain you get it all. Stop living with regrets and start living. Each program is designed for your individual needs and that’s the beauty of personal development. Stop trying to fix whats on the outside and start to focus on within. 

You will leave a story to tell or legacy whether you intend to or not because it’s just a part of living. Each story having it’s own ending or beginning. The world isn’t coming to an end, okay. Millions of species and persons lived here way before you did. Examples of prehistoric species: Shark, Elephant, Alligator, Stingray and various birds to name a few. We are all just passing thru, so leave something awesome behind. 💓

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