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The photo below is compliments of Brett Lobwein. Brett is from Sydney, Australia. He is a Professional Diver and Photographer known in various publications. These amazing photos of sea life depend on our human efforts to succeed for cleaner and healthier environments. Brett and his lovely wife have always maintained the belief and hopes of healthier living standards and cleaner Oceans worldwide. We encourage you to visit his page and ask your friends to follow, like and share his outstanding work. We appreciate you Brett for providing your amazing work on this BLOG and helping with this environmental campaign.

Sell sustainable, quality, and eco-friendly products and raise awareness of the impact that pollution has on our oceans. Ocean & Company is dedicated to changing the tide of ocean pollution. They have raised thousands of dollars for the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, The Lonely Whale, and Oceana. Every hour, an estimated 1.5 million pounds of trash are dumped in Our Oceans. 


Ocean & Co recognizes this problem cannot be solved by Ocean clean up efforts alone. We must cut off the flow of trash or cleanups will be an endless battle. Ocean & Co is dedicated to supporting research efforts and awareness campaigns to help fund a solution to the problem and to obliterate ocean pollution. With every purchase, they make a donation to organizations that are preventing ocean pollution through research, awareness and education. Furthermore, they are currently developing classroom materials to assist teachers around the world educate youth about the harmful effects of ocean pollution and single use plastics. Also aiding to help educate the next generation about ocean conservation.



Enjoy the perks like exclusive collection, discounts, commissions on sales, Ambassador-only Giveaways, all expense paid exotic vacations and much more. Does earning cash, helping to clean the ocean and getting huge discounts on amazing products sound too good to be true? Become an Official Ambassador (FREE AMBASSADOR TROPICAL VACAY)

Well it’s not! Welcome to the life of an Ocean & Co Ambassador!

Not only will you be able support efforts to clean the ocean, as an Ocean & Co Ambassador, you’ll also get paid for every sale you make, gain access to Ambassador Only Products and get an exclusive discount codes only available for Ambassadors!
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The Ambassador program is very simple: First apply for a free account. After your application is approved, you’ll get an email containing your unique link and coupon code to share with friends, family or anyone who loves our oceans. Every time they use your link or coupon code to make a purchase, you’ll get paid 10% of the total order value in cash! (*Don’t have a paypal email address or want to donate your commission back? Just enter in the paypal section of the application.)
Have you wondered what you can do to become a top Ambassador? Do you want to increase your sales? Are you trying to join us on our tropical photoshoot? Read the below tips on how to increase sales and become a top Ambassador!


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  • BE A VOICE FOR OCEAN CONSERVATION IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Organize beach clean ups, educate your community on ocean preservation, advocate for less use of plastic, etc!


  • SEND IN PHOTOS AND VIDEOS! Top ambassadors are featured constantly on our page by sending in aesthetically pleasing content even if they don’t post it!


  • GET YOUR FRIENDS INVOLVED! Whether they are using your discount code, posing with you in pics, or cleaning up a beach with you… SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR FRIENDS!


  • THE PASSWORD TO THE AMBASSADOR ONLY COLLECTION IS “ocean ambassador”. We are about to add even more gear (very soon)… so don’t miss out!



As you may realize we have a considerable amount of pollution in Our Oceans and it’s a detriment to the overall environment and/or sea life. The Oceans are where all the water on the entire planet comes from. It gets filtered and sent to homes, businesses, farms for livestock and without Our Oceans we will literally die off as a species and everything with it. You can no longer say, “it’s not my problem” because it’s everyone’s problem. 

“Someone else’s Ocean is our Ocean” 🌎
It’s something we all can agree on and we all share. There isn’t any sweeping it under the rug anymore. Nothing on this planet can live without water. Therefore, we must all take an active role, lend a hand in helping out anyway we can. It’s simple common sense and truly self-evident. 
All starts with YOU!
Begin small, by changing lifestyle habits at home and workplaces
Spread the word about Ocean and Beach Cleanups
Organize a beach cleanup with friends, family and neighbors 
(after Covid19 pandemic). 
Use sustainable products: eco-friendly and biodegradable
Clean up after yourselves while at beaches and other places
Use canvas bags at grocery stores, department stores…etc.
Encourage and Educate others 
Attend Ocean-friendly Seminars, BLOGS, VLOGS, Podcasts, Webinars
Hold a TEDX Talk or talks in local community centers, schools or universities, libraries and churches
Learn more from Penamon Perks🌊 Spotlight Page get the latest highlights. Meet the artists and entrepreneurs who contribute to Our website with talent and other charitable organizations whom you can assist if Ocean Ambassador campaigning isn’t for you. ie: Autism, Special Olympics, Susan G Komen, Special Olympics, Wildaid, Down Syndrome and others.

Here is Penamon Perks Newsletter never miss another post. You no longer have to come to us we will come to you directly. By sharing this message with others you aid in healthier environments. 

Thank you for your time. 🌏

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