Benefits of Mentors and Coaches

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I.  First and foremost you should know what you want to accomplish and what goals you’d like to achieve. There is always someone who has achieved these goals before you. Down throughout history many wise men and women had strive for greatness. You are no different from these individuals with a determined mindset, ability to learn new things and a great mentor. All you have to decide is how far up the ladder you wish to climb because laziness is never an option. Most times it’s not “What” you know, but “Who” you know. 

II.  A question was asked of school children. What do you want to be when you grow up? There was dead silence because many teenagers don’t know, even after graduation. The question should’ve been phrased, “Who” do you want to be? Why? Because this sheds light on the fact that someone else has done it before therefore, so can you. 

III.  Did you know through proper coaching any individual can become better? The benefits of having a Coach are key to successful life. It could be a life Coach/Manager, sports, music, jewel thief, magician, dance, and/or any field of study and trade you’re interested in. 

IV.  Many great scholars have come to the conclusion that all skills are learnable and nothing can stop a made up mind (Brian Tracy). (Earl Nightingale), We are what we think about all day long. (Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich). Many of the great celebrities, and others you admire learned techniques and skills from one another. The one whom goes the furthest in the teacher’s text book curriculum knows this. 

V.  They want and need more based on effort and learning capacity. Many believe you are using only 10% of your brain but this is a fundamental lie. Would build a computer and only use only 10%? We are all capable of much more. We are all capable of great things when we are focus on one goals. Many things can be accomplished just by working on yourself. You will have much more to give thus allowing you to receive in return for your efforts. 

VI.  There is plenty of money at the top but everyone wants to find out for themselves. There is plenty of money because information and knowledge to mankind is endless. New things are being discovered. Truth is, things get better, when you get better. Life will never be easy but you can weather the storms a little better. 

Below are a few things you should seek in any Coach or Mentor.

  1. Coaches should be like a good stepfather. Stepping in but never stepping over the line. Those critical decisions should be made by you “The Star”. 
  2. It only works if you can look in the mirror and see yourself as worthy and with love. 
  3. You are your own creator in your life, never forget this. 
  4. Training to be your best isn’t an easy climb but once mastered good things are in-store for you.
  5. A coach who has your best at heart but not become a dictator of your life.
  6. Surround yourself with those of like mind who will push and challenge you. 
  7. Seek out someone with well-known accolades, wisdom or knowledge but not necessarily a family friend. 
  8. Should teach you new things as old skills have been mastered and will continue to improve on old ones.
  9. Practice does make perfect but it gets pretty close.
  10. Have the courage to standout. 
  11. Coach should standout but not stand in way of you or for their own gratification.

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