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Bookmark Browser Basics

Have you ever decided to organize your computer web browser bookmarks? On browsers there are 3 dots in Windows right upper corner, under the “x close”. In this tab there is an option to save pages, make folders and other neat settings. Most folks generally save page links and “moving right along”, with business as usual. Today was different for me because I decided to organize everything into folders and categories. This was after constant scroll-throughs of all the unsorted bookmarked links.

All the research and history is interesting to find.  I decided to put a few in this Holiday post before Our Sweepstakes Entry Winner Roll Call (December 26, 2020 8am CST @Lifestyle Resource Magazine.). Don’t forget to like, share and follow Our Facebook Page. We will announce all the Winners of this Holiday Event.🎁 In one of the computer browser bookmarked were some pretty amazing websites we simply forgot about. There are awesome products and services found, so a few was added to this article. We decided to organize all the computer browsers. The information was massive.

Try it sometime, when you’re not too busy with living. Learn more about your browser. What you think you know, you may not know.

  1. Ellevest A Money Membership for Women
  2. How To Get A Divorce With No Money
  3. Meme Templates
  4. Website Music
  5. Small Business Resource American Express
  6. 5 eBook Templates downloads
  7. Amazon Web Services AWS- Console Developers



Get your Christmas Inappropriate T-shirts for the holidays

Support of Small Business Worldwide

Penamon Perks is a Small Business. We have been extremely fortunate but many other businesses during Covid19, haven’t. Small Businesses have suffered during this pandemic from March to present in the USA. Many individuals lost their jobs and other’s work with face masks or from home. Many department stores, restaurants were closed up except for grocery owners. Local businesses suffered from vandalism, riots and closures for long periods of time during a presidential election year. All of these factors have caused hardships for many Small Business Owners nationwide and their families. Many of their resources were depleted, if not destroyed. We ran campaigns and was able to assist Our brethren. As a result we were given rebates.

Thanks to Our beautiful clients could it be possible and for people like YOU.  We decided to use it in Our Sweeps and give back for the holidays. 🎀🎄 Please be certain to sign up for Our monthly newsletter. Make certain email is updated. Check us out on Tumblr and Instagram.

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We’ve acquired some New Clients:


Yahyn Yahyn is a unique digital wine shopping experience that features a dedicated wine marketplace, with custom sommelier services and meal pairing tips for users via an expertly-curated database and in-house artificial intelligence to come.

We believe that the distance to your glass measures elegant travel to the most romantic vineyards. Simply put, Yahyn is the best way to find a great bottle of wine based on your preferences... at the touch of a button.

Discounted Offer


hideAWAY hideAWAY is an Australian skincare company that produces bath and body products in a delicious selection of unique fragrances.

We take pride in using sustainable and locally sourced natural ingredients where possible. Our products are made from organic oils and butters that are rich in the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential to healthy, radiant skin.

Our website offers a range of whipped soaps, soap bars, body custards, scrubs and other body and bath time treats in a unique selection of fragrances like no other.

Over the past 2+ years, hideAWAY has expanded into an iconic brand with over 100,000+ happy customers worldwide with hundreds of products and fragrances to choose from. We have hand-picked the best products and fragrances our customers have come to love and keep coming back for more!

Discounted Offer


eFax eFax is an online fax service for business or personal use. Fax from anywhere and receive anywhere via email. You can also view as a PDF document in your email account for any device. ie: laptop, desktop or cellular device. You can keep your existing number.

Discounted Offer


Holiday Face Mask - Grinch All I need is My Dog it's too Peopley outside
Product information: These reusable fabric masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face. However, they are not of medical grade, so are not intended for medical purposes. Great for everyday use for overall protection. .: 100% Polyester .: Elastic ear rings .: Two layers of fabric .: One Size: 7.25 X 4.63 Inches This product needs to be customized before adding to cart.


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