Several Signs You’re Getting What You Deserve In Life

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Brian Tracy says, “if you aren’t happy where you are in life you should move, you’re not a tree”.
  • Start With You
  • Start Teaching Others
  • Stop Being a Bottomless Pit People Pleaser
  • Apply Confidence With Actions
  • You’re Not Alone or Get Assistance With Isolation
  • Raise Your Expectations or Step Away
  • If All Else Fails Abandon The Sinking Ship
  • You Deserve Better And You Know It
You’re never left wondering
When you’re finally with someone who treats you the way you deserve, that person never leaves you guessing about something they said mean, or where you stand. There’s never a point at which you can’t ask questions or receive answers regarding your own personal life. It’s not a game, and they’re not the gatekeepers of a fate, where you’re waiting to uncover the truth. They’re certain about their intentions, and when they’re not, they’re honest with you about that too.
Moments of vulnerability make you closer
Expressing yourself becomes an intimate and grounding experience, not something you have to feel bad about, or suppress. Your fears, concerns or emotions are not met with condescending lectures. Your feelings are taken seriously, because they take you seriously, and don’t see your existence as something that inconveniences them.You’re inspired to live your life
That other person isn’t your whole life, and they don’t want that either. They not only give you the space to maintain your life beyond the relationship, but they want you to be your whole self. You don’t walk away from a weekend together wanting to sink back into them for the rest of eternity. You’re grateful to have had the time together, but you’re ultimately ready to live your life too, knowing you have someone to come home to at the end of the day and tell all about it. It’s not necessary to cling because you’ve been reassured. Respect is key.

They don’t ghost on you unexpectedly
Even if you can’t physically be together at all times, you’re never left wondering when you’ll receive a text or call. You never have to wait any extended period of time to hear from them, and you certainly don’t play a game of “who texted last doesn’t have to text first.” Nope, none of that. Why? Because they care too much about how you’re doing and genuinely talking to you than to wait around and see if maybe you’ll grace with presence.

You make actual, solid, non-vague plans
The person who treats you right will always respect your time enough to show consideration when making plans. Date nights, weekend trips, Friday just to get pizza and hangout after work. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you’re serious about spending time together, so you plan for it in advance, and you stick to it. The spontaneous hangout happens, try your best to give your undivided attention to them in that time.

You’re loved for more than your body
They express more interest in what you think, how you feel, what your personality is, than how you look….But your body is loved unconditionally, too. They see your body as the vessel that houses the person they love, not an indication of how worthy you are of their attention. Pay attention to your health and well-being. Don’t let yourself go. Try best you can to be your best self for you and them. You will not regret this.

You want to bring them home to your family
This is up for individual discussion. Not all families are the same so proceed with cause and use discernment in this area. If a significant other isn’t accepted or vice a versa it may not always be the person but the family. Proceed with caution for you may want to spend your life with this person. It is very important matters are handled with civility and care. Call family and be respectful of their time and space. Do not take family for granted by showing up unexpectedly, they may not be ready to receive you or them. Think of them as an extension. Get to know each member before reveal too much. Never carry problems to friends or family members about the relationship. Talk to the person solely. His or her friends are not necessarily your friend during struggle. They can be the breakup crew. They will immediately take the side of the one they’ve known the longest. This not a reflection on you but people feel safest with familiarity and familiarity breeds contempt. If problems arise be certain you don’t reveal to his or her parents, unless absolutely necessary. Make certain they are with you always, it’s discussed firsthand. Never discuss the other person in secret. They can’t defend their position and you may find him/her is hated by family before they were able to get to know them better. Especially, when all is forgiven.
You’re not just listened to—you’re heard
They don’t brush off your anxieties or concerns; They seriously evaluate them and try to see whether or not they can reassure you or make the relationship better by a compromising in one way or another. No one person is running the show here—you’re both equally committed to making the other one as happy and comfortable as possible (and you both know that begins and ends with listening when you communicate, and acting accordingly). Always ask questions, never place blame. It’s not a competition most relationships fail because they forget they are on the same side. Stand clear of harsh words, thoughts, presumptions, and assumptions. Doubts can be traitors to our thoughts and self sabotaging, where we often might win.You feel loved every single day
Even if you don’t have time for elaborate expressions of romance each day, just a simple touch, or look, or gesture says it all. Even if you don’t have time to be together, and won’t see them for the next few days. Communicate it, you want to be your best self, but go home and tell them all about your trials and triumphs and struggles and successes regardless, because you know you’re unconditionally supported, and loved. The flirting with one another never should end even till you are old, grey and your teeth fall out. Be kind and thoughtful. 

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