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Wideo Our clean interface uses drag-and-drop technology and is streamlined for usability so you have plenty of creative room to create unique animations and learn as you go. This is what makes Wideo tough to beat for our 800,000 (and growing) users all over the world. Get the most out of Wideo with a paid plan that best fits your marketing needs.

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We show you where you can legally watch movies and TV shows that you love. You are kept up to date with what is new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes and many other streaming platforms. Our simple filter system allows you to see only what is important to you. We also tell you where and when to watch movies on the big screen so you never miss when a movie is running in cinema again.

We collect user profiles of millions of cinema goers and learn their individual movie taste. JustWatch uses this data to run highly efficient trailer campaigns for movie studios, distributors and VOD services. We retarget people on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms where they spend their time discovering new content. Our campaigns are twice as effective as the industry benchmarks.

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