The Miracle of Self Discpline


Order your copy of “The Miracle of Self-Discipline” and learn:

  • 5 powerful practices for overcoming procrastination
  • Why it’s critical to practice delayed gratification, and how to do so, for greater success
  • Keys to unlocking the unlimited potential that resides within you
  • How to master your appetites in all areas
  • Strategies, techniques and tips for taking complete control of your time so you get more done, more efficiently
  • How to concentrate single-mindedly on your key goals so you achieve more, easily
  • And more.

You learn how to apply self-discipline in goal-setting, time management, health habits, relationships, sales, business operations, physical fitness, personal development, negotiating, communications, character development, and many other areas

When you master self-discipline, you:

  • Finally take complete control of your time and your life, so you accomplish the things that are most important to achieving your goals
  • Get going and keep going, no matter what
  • Overcome procrastination, for good
  • Focus on your most valuable activities, so you get your most important tasks out of the way immediately
  • Make better decisions that are healthier for you
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-image
  • Develop courage and persistence in every area of your life so you get what you want
  • Become more confident and self-reliant, as you travel the smooth path to success


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