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Raeshal Solomon

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Raeshal Solomon is a Mom, Speaker, Financial Educator and Facilitator.  She has been writing children’s books for over three years.  Raeshal writes Children's Financial Literacy Books that teach lessons such as: earning, saving, investing, and providing. The books are titled: My Little Banker and are for ages 1 thru 10. Overtime, she has learned an abundance of financial tips. She visits elementary schools in communities a few times a month to spread that message. 

Who Writes

Raeshal created a blog site to help parents learn better personal finance habits, and money tips to teach their children by reading the experiences of monthly guest bloggers and herself. Raeshal hand picks all of her guest bloggers.

The guest bloggers, fans, followers are interested persons whom are not necessarily in the financial industry, BUT have learned important money lessons worth sharing. Her goal is to add value to her readers by giving them useful information that can be utilized in their daily lives.


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Raeshal Solomon | BlogTalk Radio

Raeshal Speaks has an online radio talk show that covers personal finance and business. Recorded live on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30 EST. She continues to interview Entrepreneurs and experts which bring a fresh, exciting viewpoint to the shows.

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"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge". -- Albert Einstein


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Helping Others

Plan Canada International | High School of Art & Design | Others | Plant Therapy and many others

Autism Speaks

Provides resources for families of children with Autism. Advocacy | Social Groups | Education. Families even share their stories.

The Special Olympics

Provides fun and games for individuals with special needs and their families. Championships | Trophies and Ribbons

Global Down Syndrome

Provides education and resources for individuals with Downs and their families.

Plan Canada International

Provides resources, ie: clean drinking water | sponsorship | food for families and children globally.

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Provides health information | Education and other resources for cancer survivors. Both men, women and children.

Planned Parenthood

Provides housing | Education | Healthcare and other resources for parents and their babies.

The High School of Art & Design

The High School of Art & Design

The High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education high school in Manhattan, New York City.

Art and Design High School is ranked 167th within New York. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Art and Design High School is 42 percent. The student body makeup is 43 percent male and 57 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 88 percent. Art and Design High School is 1 of 523 high schools in the New York City Public Schools.


High School of Art & Design

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

Whether you know nothing about essential oils and are just starting to research them or you have been using them for many, many years, we all have one thing in common: we want the purest and highest quality essential oils available. There are many companies that sell essential oils. What makes Plant Therapy different? What makes Plant Therapy the best essential oil company?

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Autism Parenting Magazine Video

Autism Parenting Magazine

Compliments of Valerie who graciously wrote to us

Thank you! We're glad we could help Ms K. Carter.


I have Asperger's Syndrome, but I'm not letting it stop me! My name is K. Carter and I am part high school student, part volunteer-intern-extraordinaire here at EducatorLabs, where I'm getting to help with research and now a bit of outreach!

I'm lucky enough to get work experience, but I know not everyone else with Asperger's and other autistic disorders is so lucky and gets to live such an active life. I get self-conscious around people sometimes though I love to write, but over time I've been coming out of my shell by trying new things. I want others to do the same!

I'm trying to put together resources to help empower others with autism to be confident, social, and able to overcome their obstacles. My goal is to hear back from 25 people who have shared my findings, and then I can get credit for volunteering.
I'm excited to share what I've found so far in hopes that your visitors would find them useful, too (maybe here:!

Autism Speaks Resource Guide;;

Career Assistance for People with Autism;

National Center for Autism Resources & Education

AutismNOW Transition Planning;

Aquatic Therapy for Children with Autism;


If you don't want to hear from me in the future please do reply and let me know, though I hope that won't be the case.

Thanks! K. Carter from: Cary, North Carolina.
Jun 5 2015 at 5:03 AM

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