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  • Ex-cop's murder trial for shooting neighbor set to start September 22, 2019
    Last September, a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own apartment. For some, the shooting was a tragic accident with circumstances that can only be described as "very unique." Others place it in pattern of white officers killing black men that, they say, points to systemic problems in American […]
  • Gabon to be first African nation paid to fight deforestation September 22, 2019
    Gabon will become the first African country paid with international funds to preserve its forests in an effort to fight climate change, the United Nations said Sunday. Norway will provide Gabon, which is almost 90 percent covered by forest, with $150 million (136 million euros) to battle deforestation, according to the Central African Forest Initiative […]
  • Iran accuses foreign forces of raising Gulf 'insecurity' September 22, 2019
    President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday denounced the presence of foreign forces in the Gulf and said Iran will put forward a peace plan, after arch-foe the United States ordered reinforcements to the tinderbox region. "Foreign forces can cause problems and insecurity for our people and for our region," Rouhani said before a massive military parade […]
  • Afghanistan's Taliban meets Chinese government in Beijing September 22, 2019
    A Taliban delegation met China's special representative for Afghanistan in Beijing on Sunday to discuss the group's peace talks with the United States, a spokesman for the Islamist insurgency said. The meeting comes after U.S. President Donald Trump's eleventh-hour cancellation earlier this month of the negotiations between his country and the Taliban, which many had […]
  • Pakistan bus crash kills 26; brakes fail on mountain road September 22, 2019
    A bus crash in northern Pakistan killed 26 people Sunday after its brakes failed on a winding mountain road, police said. Another 20 passengers were injured when the bus smashed head-on into a dirt embankment, said Abdul Wakil, a local police officer. Such road accidents are common in Pakistan, where motorists largely disregard traffic rules […]
  • Enter the Arena, Democrats. Teddy Roosevelt Was Right. September 22, 2019
    (Bloomberg Opinion) -- In April 1910, former president Theodore Roosevelt spoke before a large audience in Paris. “The poorest way to face life,” he said, “is with a sneer.”These days, too many Democrats are sneering — not only at President Donald Trump, but also at one another. From the left, many progressives are describing former Vice […]
  • Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Rhinos September 22, 2019
  • Iran's president warns America to 'stay away' as it unveils long range missiles that could strike US bases September 22, 2019
    Iran’s president has warned American and other foreign forces to “stay away” from the region, as Tehran paraded long-range missile capable of reaching American bases.  Hassan Rouhani said the presence of such troops in the Gulf has always brought “pain and misery”, in a speech made at an annual military parade to commemorate the war […]
  • Somalia’s al Shabaab raid military base, loot weapons September 22, 2019
    Fighters belonging to Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab stormed an army base near the capital Mogadishu on Sunday, looted it for weapons and then withdrew, a military source, residents and the group told Reuters. The assault began when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into the base in El Salini, 60 kilometres (37 […]
  • More Fracking, or More War? September 22, 2019
    Here is a news lead that begins with a bang and ends with a whimper: “The strike on the heartland of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, including damage to the world’s biggest petroleum-processing facility, has driven oil prices to their highest level in” — here, Reuters should have used some ellipses of irony — “nearly four […]

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