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Because of the Resources of Penamon Perks® it is rapidly growing with a unique quality of products & services. Our daily blogs and subscription service have information on the people, places and things for YOU. It's designed to aid "YOU" by providing products at reasonable costs. We offer you skill building for personal development | auditions | tutorials | mentoring | education and motivation videos | books and more. The tools allow anyone with a niche to begin immediately and anyone without a niche, to find one. We promote a lifestyle of luxury and freedom. All "YOU" need to do is CREATE.

Penamon Perks® are known on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Blogger, Instagram, Fiverr, etc. Our QR code for all products and newsletter is available, so scan away. We are a fully automated website allowing you to take part in surveys, promotions, and sweepstakes. Our newsletter and audio book club is FREE. We help fundraiser events and websites for humanitarian efforts. Once a month we spotlight individuals, groups or organizations for their artistry to inspire you. We share your story on social media. Our website is updated tri-monthly so you are bound to find something new. We provide the advertiser's videos, so there is a complete understanding of services. The videos are produced by them and product users, so it's risk free. Wholesale and retail purchases, complimentary shipping, free trials and gifts are available. We know they work because we're not just Authors, Advertisers, Marketers, but Entrepreneurs and also a client.

Founded in 1999 as a website assisting Entrepreneurs. Then customers needed minimal cost strategies to promote their business and the tools to begin. We reached out to them and began providing resources to anyone who needed. Although most advice is useful, the avenues are time-consuming and costly. An alternative solution and platform is here for YOU. We want to sell their stuff that integrates with your stuff, to make your life easier. If it's not helping YOU, start a business, enjoy life or service a need, then it's not helping anyone.

What separates Penamon Perks®? The ability to directly connect with customers. We love bringing people together with great products and services. Once you begin using these awesome services you will see for yourself. Fitness | Travel | Acting | Beauty | Business | Culinary | How to Tutorials and more. These resources piggy back off one another so take a good look around. Safe to shop because our Partner links are encrypted redirects with coupon embedded for more savings.

So, how may we be of service? 

We Are Your Toolbox:

Our resources will fuel  your new or existing business with inspiration. We operate this website that educates and motivates ordinary people to do extraordinary things, by providing easy tools for a personal start up. Each product or service has what we call perks. If you purchase a product you get a free gift,  donate to a charity,  get a featured story, or something extra along with that purchase. We are innovating. We are your TOOLBOX. Each day, we want you to walk away with something you can use in business, or to better your daily lives.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

A Win Win Situation:

We accomplish this through Affiliate Networks, Online Companies, Offline Businesses, Word of mouth, YouTube Accounts and many others who lend us their artwork. We utilize these products and services so it's risk free, quality controlled and you can observe most in action throughout this website. When you use these perks, you can write and tell us your story and we will spotlight your artistry on our Fan Page. We'll post your work for a month so others may be inspired.

Special Thanks:

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The Savvy Individual:

A personal development website with digital products and services for the savvy individual. Digital marketing tools designed to create a business,  start a VLOG, BLOG, give to charities, promote yourself, experience an event or create a lifestyle. Every product has a perk. All You have to do is CREATE.

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